Unruly suspect charged with felony property damage, minor consumption

Published 10:56 am Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Kasson man arrested for allegedly shattering a glass door at El Parral and who was already wanted on a property damage warrant was charged Tuesday in Mower County Court.

Pedro Perez, 18, was charged with felony first-degree property damage and misdemeanor liquor consumption younger than 21.

Austin Police arrested Perez on Saturday night after he allegedly got angry and caused major damage at El Parral Ballroom. According to an employee, Perez argued with another person in the building, got angry, punched and shattered the glass door to the bar. According to the court complaint, security officers had detained Perez while a police officer arrived; however, Perez would not cooperate for the cop. That officer then sprayed Perez with pepper spray and arrested him.

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According to the court complaint, Perez also had an outstanding warrant in Ramsey County for property damage, as well.