Twinkies may be smaller than people recall

Published 4:47 pm Saturday, July 20, 2013

Although programming is winding down for short time at the Historic Paramount Theatre, the Austin Area Commission for the Arts is busy with several other projects.

The first is gearing up for the Austin ArtWorks Festival on Aug. 24 and 25.

Few may realize, but the festival is actually a program of the Austin Area Commission for the Arts.

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The AACA staff works hand in hand with amazing Festival volunteers to help put on this tremendous event.

Another project that is quickly moving forward is building an art center in downtown Austin.

Through the Vision 2020 Downtown Destination committee, the AACA is working with the Austin Area Art Center and wonderful volunteers to help make this vision a reality.

Plans are still in development, but our goal is to reveal drawings at the Austin ArtWorks Festival. This is one of the many projects to enhance and support Austin’s creative culture.

The plans for the Historic Paramount Theatre expansion have also been approved by the AACA Board of Directors. The expansion will be going to the north and east of the building, and will coincide with the building of the art center.

Beyond these two projects, the Vision 2020 Utilities Building is also exploring including arts into the Utilities Building when it is repurposed. The organizations and committees overseeing all of these projects are working together to ensure our efforts are not overlapping.

More information is sure to come as plans develop. We are always looking for volunteers to help move these projects forward.

If you are interested in participating, please contact me at or call 434-0934.