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Looking ahead to the next Austin Living

We recently changed our magazine name from Southern Minnesota Magazine to Austin Living Magazine.

The reason for the change was to focus on Austin and all of things that Austin has to offer. Each issue will focus on local people. You can find tips for cooking, book reviews, events and party planning ideas, health and fitness, fashion, things for the home, landscape ideas or services, gardening ideas, and many pictures of things happening here in Austin.

The first two issues of Austin Living have gone so well that we’ve routinely had to restock the shelves around town. I talked to Dave Sylte the other day, and he told me how much he loves the magazine and all of the stories that are in it.

One of my sales reps dropped off copies at Austin Acupuncture and all but one copy was gone in just a few days.

You can pick up a copy of the magazine at the Austin Daily Herald office or spots around Austin, like the Chamber, the Convention and Visitors Bureau and area convenience stores. If you would like, we can deliver it to your home.

The next issue publishes Aug. 20. In this issue you will find a story on Cloud Cult, the band that will perform at the Austin Artworks Festival. You will also find out about a neat lady, Bonnie Rietz, and you’ll learn about all of the things she has accomplished in the last two decades here in the Austin community. You will have to page through all of the photos that we have taken from Austin events to see if you know any of these local folks. Check out the wedding, anniversary and birthday photos. These are just a few of the things that will be coming up in the next magazine.

We are always looking for story ideas. Maybe you know someone who has a neat hobby or does something creative or has a unique house that he or she would like to share. If so please call Trey Mewes at 507-434-2214.