Mower Refreshed: Ease, convenience vital for health

Published 11:20 am Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Local residents show their support for Mower Refreshed.

Sandy Anderson

Citizens of Mower County are continuing at the grassroots level to address health issues that are identified by research and surveys completed in our county. Volunteers work together to develop creative solutions and consider practical approaches that can make healthy choices easier. Water seeks the path of least resistance and choices, like water, are often made based on what is considered to be the easiest, most convenient and most available options.

Not only creating opportunities in communities that make healthy choices easy, Mower Refreshed is focused on impacting the following specific health outcomes over time:

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1. Years of Potential Life Lost (a health outcome measure that estimates the average number of years a person would have lived had he or she not died prematurely)

2. Prevent & Reduce Obesity

3. Promote Optimum Mental Health

4. Increase Healthy Options

The citizens engaged in the efforts of Mower Refreshed understand this won’t be achieved in a year but will take many years of commitment to doing the next right thing and a willingness to think outside the box for cost effective, sustainable ideas that make sense for Mower County communities. Over the coming months we will share more about the many efforts now in motion and how they are impacting the identified health outcomes. The following are just a sample of the efforts volunteers are collaborating on. Visit our website to learn about more activities:

Refreshed Dining Project: Collaborating to develop Refreshed Dining locations, eating establishments where healthy choices are easy.

Refreshed Kids: Five fun classes that challenge kids to take responsibility for making healthy choices and opportunity to share their ideas. We are learning a lot from these elementary kids!

Wellness Wednesdays: Midpoint each week to make a step towards healthy living. Subscribe for the Wellness Wednesday e-Blast at our website to get a quick refreshed reminder by email every Wednesday.

Refreshed Destination at the Fair: Aug. 7, 8 and 9 visit the large red tent at the Mower County Fair and experience high energy and interactive information on healthy living.

In my position as coordinator, I have the privilege of working with volunteers of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and economic statuses. The common passion in these Mower Refreshed volunteers is a desire to see our county, its communities, families and individuals equipped with options and empowered to make decisions that promote well living at every life cycle. We’ll continue to share more in the coming months about the wide variety of efforts growing out of the Mower Refreshed teams to ultimately impact the overall health outcomes.

Visit us for more information, share your ideas, get involved or subscribe to the Refreshed Newsletter 507.440.2390 Sandy Anderson is employed by Mayo Clinic Health System and is the coordinator of Mower Refreshed