Wettest to date, but still no flood in Austin

Published 6:35 am Monday, June 17, 2013

Despite the wettest spring on record, the Cedar River in Austin has stayed in check for the most part.

The Austin area had received 23.36 inches of precipitation as of Friday, which has surpassed 2012’s precipitation total of 22.19. The historic flood year of 2004, when the Cedar River exceeded the 15-foot flood stage and reached a record 25 feet, received 42.48 inches of rain. In 2010 — the most recent flood year when the river peaked at 20.6 feet — Austin received 38.58 inches of precipitation. The average year in Austin is 34.55 inches.

The Cedar River’s floods have almost always happened in late summer to fall, however. If grounds continue to stay saturated, however, significant rainfalls could cause more concern.

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