New wave of apps center on medical benefits for seniors

Published 5:17 pm Saturday, May 11, 2013

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a techie. Some even call me gadget girl. I have a love for technology and try to keep up with the latest devices. Do you have a smartphone? Smartphone’s are cell phones which are available for Internet access and computer functions.

In fact, a PDA phone is the old version of a smartphone. computer programming, surfing the internet, and talking on the phone any time, everywhere allow people communicate on the spot. It makes our lives very convenient.

Even if you don’t have an interested in new ways of doing things, you have probably heard “There’s an app for that!” It refers to the applications available for smart phones.

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Seniors should pay close attention to the new wave of sophisticated apps offering stunning medical help — like an EKG to check your heart, and apps that check blood pressure and heart rate.

Among the most amazing is one that helps people with artificial hands determine the grip they want to use. There are currently about 40,000 mobile health apps available for tablets and smartphone’s, and more than 500 health projects worldwide that have a mobile emphasis.

If you use exercise apps such as Runkeeper, access health records electronically or participate in wellness gamification programs, you may already be experiencing your smartphone’s health benefits without even realizing it. One analysis indicates that the number of people who downloaded a mobile health app in 2012 is nearly double to 247 million from 2011. What can those apps do? Diet, exercise, sleep and blood pressure are just a few of the many areas covered.

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