Class to introduce the world of fairy gardening

Published 4:39 pm Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fairy gardens — a new take on an old favorite, the terrarium — are tiny worlds complete with miniature furnishings, fairy-scale plants and plenty of mystique.

They appeal to gardeners of all ages. Grandmas are probably having the most fun.

Just a touch of inspiration, a cute container, some plants and a few accessories are all it takes to get the magic of a fairy garden growing.

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Fairy gardening, as well as miniature gardening has opened up a new world of creativity. Fairy and miniature gardens are a huge trend. The best part of fairy and miniature gardens is that you can tell a “story” by mixing in props with your plants. A mini garden can look like a “real” landscape with walkways, arches, statues, houses and stone walls.

The most memorable mini gardens are “themed” with interesting characters and settings that making them conversation starters.

Think outside the box for accessories- use your kid’s toys, a ceramic cookie jar, anything that won’t be damaged by water.

If you would like to create your own fairy garden and would like to see it hands on, come to the Senior Center at 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

There will be a demonstration and items for sale. The class is free. To sign up for this fun class stop by or call the front desk at the Senior Center at 433-2370. See you there.

You are always welcome at the Senior Center.

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