City devoting $10K to Vision 2020 to rebrand community

Published 9:42 am Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The council preliminarily approved $10,000 for a Vision 2020 project to rebrand the city of Austin.

Vision 2020 organizers have formed a group to work with consultants and create a new identity campaign for the city, to accentuate its positives and attract more people. Organizers plan to raise $70,000 in total, and are requesting funding from the city of Austin, the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Development Corporation of Austin, the Austin Area Chamber of Commerce and The Hormel Foundation.

The last time the city underwent a public relations campaign was in 1991, with the “Growing Together” campaign put on by local officials. Vision 2020 organizers are interviewing consultants to help with the latest efforts, and once finished, the campaign would be included in the city website, directional signage, city equipment and many other projects.

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“We’re trying to be very comprehensive in our efforts,” Laura Helle, Vision 2020’s director of creative vision, told the council.

The city council also gave $10,000 to Vision 2020 in May 2012 to help kick of the group’s efforts.