Quiz: I’m not a problem to be fixed

Published 4:50 pm Saturday, February 9, 2013

Here’s a common attitude: “Disability is a problem inside the person; a problem best fixed by experts.”

It’s a harmful attitude; a stereotype. It’s called the medical model of disability. The following quiz might help us see this attitude around us and consider how to respond.

True or false:

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1. People with disabilities need to be fixed; to be made “normal.”

2. People deserve to have the power to make choices in their lives.

3. Having a disability label sometimes makes it easier to get money and services from the state.

4. When working with school staff, keep your ideas to yourself. They shouldn’t be bothered with your ideas.

5. Researchers should have the right to do risky experiments on people with disabilities in order to gain valuable information for the benefit of society.

6. People with disabilities cause more crime than other people.

7. A trained professional always knows better than you do what decision you should make in your life.

8. Scientific research has often improved the lives of persons with disabilities.

9. It’s OK for doctors to call you by your first name, but you should always address doctors as “Doctor.”

10. People with disabilities are more than patients, more than clients. They are regular people.

Answers: Work together to decide what the best answer is to each statement above.

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