Londino-Green crowned ‘Mr. Austin’

Published 10:34 am Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rainer Londino-Green, top, is hoisted into the air Monday night at Knowlton Auditorium after being crowned Mr. Austin 2013.

Only seconds after the verdict came, Rainer Londino-Green was hoisted into the air. His new crown and trophy shone under the stage lights.

“I just want to thank all these men behind me,” he said. “They deserved it.”

Londino-Green, who also was lauded as “Mr. Best Moves,” was crowned “Mr. Austin” at Austin High School’s 2013 Mr. Austin contest Monday night. The other 10 contestants crowded around him to show their support at the end of an eventful night that drew an enthusiastic crowd of peers and parents.

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“These guys did a great job here,” said Emily Hovland, advisor for Youth Leadership, which organizes the event.

Alex Laury is introduced to the crowd Monday night at Knowlton Auditorium during the Mr. Austin 2013 contest.

The contest spanned a wide variety of comical activities, from boy band impressions to one-liners to tests of physical prowess. One consisted of two students crushing as many aluminum cans as they could, while another parodied One Republic’s “Apologize” with a song about procrastinating studying for a test. Two witty gentlemen later chuckled over a basketball-themed pun, saying the losing player “couldn’t hold back his saliva all game, but at least he could hold back his dribble.”

“Every year the juniors host it,” said resident Carter Wagner, who has seen many of the performances while his children were at AHS.

The show held numerous surprises, including one contestant inviting a girl from the audience on-the-spot to prom. Following the intermission, band teacher Brad Mariska solicited cheers from the audience for imitating Kermit the Frog with the song “Rainbow Connection.”

In the past, proceeds have gone to such groups as the Red Cross and the Humane Society. While no recipient has been chosen yet, Hovland said the group will pick an organization to donate the funds to in the next few weeks.

“The kids pick a different organization every year,” she said.

About $1,500 was raised last year.