AutoZone to switch buildings in early March

Published 10:13 am Thursday, February 14, 2013

A new AutoZone location, which will replace the current one on Oakland Avenue, is expected to open in early March along 18th Avenue near Walmart. -- Kevin Coss/

Crews to start working on building’s interior Monday

An Austin auto retailer will soon skip across town to its new location.

Autozone is expected to open in early March in a new building constructed between Walmart’s parking lot and 18th Avenue Northwest. The company will begin arranging the interior next week, putting computers and shelves in place.

“Starting Monday they’re going to be doing the setup,” said District Manager Keith Walker. “That is typically a two-week process, pending no hiccups.”

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That means AutoZone could open as soon as March 4, though likely it will take a little longer, Walker said. Regardless, the AutoZone location on Oakland will close the day before the new one opens, with all the merchandise brought over via semi to the new store.

Regional Manager Tony Blackmer said in September the move will give the store more space. Walker said it also is intended to include AutoZone in the business environment north of Interstate 90.