Windmill managers still pushing for change

Published 5:14 am Friday, January 4, 2013

Managers Pam and Roger Garlitch still have big plans for their conference center, hotel and bar at the Windmill Inn in Dexter, despite a shaky start. — Matt Peterson/

Roger and Pam Garlitch, managers of the Windmill Inn in Dexter, hoped things around their business would’ve taken off a little more quickly. But they’re not throwing in the towel.

“Mainly because people are still not aware that we’re open,” Pam said, who noted business has been a little slow.

The Garlitches — who owned a motel in Lake City and ran the farmers’ market there, re-established another motel in Fairmont, and dealt in the timeshare business — are still in good spirits. They still say big things are coming.

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“We plan on getting the whole thing rocking and rolling out here,” Roger said, who wasn’t dissuaded several months ago when locals warned him about the building’s reputation after several parties and some illegal activity.

The Garlitches hope to soon have a full menu in their bar and more entertainment by February, including a Super Bowl party.

“We’re looking at having some pretty big entertainment,” Pam said, who was hesitant to reveal a possible concert at the venue, as well.

Though the bar has not been open for regular hours, the Garlitches say that will change, too. The bar, which is inside the same building, showed promise in early December when dwarf wrestling and bowling were held on two separate days. Roger said 140 people attended the dwarf bowling, and nearly 100 participated in the event, too. Among more events like that and music, the Garlitches also hope to be on D&R Vending’s schedule for pool and dart competitions. Roger still has plans for an adjacent campground, outdoor volleyball, disc golf course, and to host several weddings, as well. Not all the events, he reiterated, have to be based around drinking.

Roger’s philosophy still focuses on hospitality. He said regardless of how things go with the business, that’s the way he’s going to operate.

“If I can or if I can’t [make it work], that’s the way I’m going to be,” he said.

The Windmill Inn is located on Highway 16, just east of Dexter off of the Interstate 90 exit and has been reopened under the Garlitches’ management since June. The hotel accommodates guests 24 hours a day and has 24-hour surveillance. It keeps hot coffee on and offers a continental breakfast.