Into the future: 10 stories to look for in 2013

Published 10:52 am Wednesday, January 2, 2013

10. Pacelli celebrates 100-year milestone

Pacelli Catholic Schools will celebrate its centennial this year, highlighting Catholic education throughout 2013.

Each month, Pacelli will hold an event to honor its school history and alumni, according to Pacelli Elementary Principal Mary Holtorf. Holtorf is one of the main organizers for Pacelli’s 100-year celebration.

“We want to get the students involved, we want to get the parents involved, we want to get alumni involved,” Holtorf said last month. “We want it to be an outreach to everyone.”

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The school will kick things off in January as Pacelli celebrates Catholic Schools Week. Pacelli students, staff and families will organize further events through December, incorporating some of Pacelli’s longtime volunteer traditions and even giving a Pacelli twist to some of Austin’s larger events and happenings throughout the year.