Riege: Deluxe Ice Fishing at Mac’s Twin Bay

Published 7:21 pm Wednesday, January 2, 2013

By Bob and Ginny Riege

Ice fishing is great fun but as with everything else in life there are dangers that accompany this fun sport. Growing up in the ice belt you will here that no ice is safe ice. When going out to walk on the ice there should be at least 4 inches of solid ice, to drive on the ice there should be 12 inches and to have a permanent or wheel house you should have 14-18 inches of solid ice.

The beginning and the end of the season are the most dangerous times to be ice fishing. The ice will vary in thickness at these times.

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On January 1st I called my good friends at Mac’s Twin Bay resort and found out that the ice is now about 12 inches thick and they are thinking that by this weekend they will allow vehicles on the ice and they will probably start putting their permanent ice fishing houses.

A permanent ice fishing house is usually one that is constructed on the ice or is hauled out on a trailer and then slowly lowered or slid onto the ice. A semi-permanent ice fishing house is on that has it’s own wheels (referred as a wheel house) which are cranked up, thus lowering the house to the ice.

At Mac’s Twin Bay they have some of the best fish houses on Mille Lacs Lake. Their deluxe fish houses are as cozy as your living room. They are equipped with flat panel TV’s and DVD players. They have a bright interior that is carpeted, sleeping quarters, radio, and they provide a 12-volt battery-no generator needed. A private bathroom, clean porta-potti, table and chairs, gas furnace, and rattle reels. A 2 Burner hot plate is provided or you can drive into Buzzie’s on the Bay, a bar and restaurant onshore. Buzzie’s has a full menu where you can find a steak dinner or a quick burger. While onshore they also have 2 clean shower houses that the guest may use before retiring to their deluxe sleeper cabin.

Their roads are well plowed and clearly marked and can be accessed with a car, truck or four-wheeler. All you need to bring is bedding, towels, cooking utensils, bait and your fishing license. If you want more information contact them on the web at www.macstwinbay.com or call them at 320-676-8709.

Here is the latest fishing report from Mille Lacs: Fishing has been best in 26-30 feet of water. These areas are deep transitions; flat edges that top off with rock/gravel. Small spoons 1/8 oz. to 1/4 oz. silver and bronze with a hint of chartreuse has been the best. Glow spoons are working great especially on cloudy days. Tip your spoons with minnow heads and red euro larva. Big fish are common with early ice, but if you want numbers you will have to find the hungry ones.

Ice conditions are improving, but there are still a few thinner spots so use caution. Call ahead before coming up, so that you can have a safe, enjoyable deluxe ice fishing experience at Mac’s Twin Bay on Mille Lacs Lake.