Pay more for Congress, less for security at Social Security offices

Published 1:30 pm Wednesday, January 23, 2013

To U.S. senators Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar, and Minn. Rep. Jeanne Poppe,

Since George W. Bush (as you know), billions of dollars are being squandered on security at Social Security offices in America. American Social Security offices “have no money.” This is another “money-squandering Bush scam” against the citizens’ treasury.

—Canada’s social offices have no armed guards.

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—Norway’s social offices have no armed guards.

—Perhaps Nazi Germany public offices had armed guards.

—American Post Offices do not have armed guards, and U.S. post offices have quite a lot of money.

—American banks usually do not have armed guards and banks in America have quite a lot of cash and valuables.

American and these other countries already have armed police. If these banks, social offices and post offices have “trouble people,” they phone the police or the sheriff; they signal for help. I (and others) submit the plan to save billions by eliminating Bush’s Nazi-like permanent Social Security Office police policy, and millions could be used to increase Congress pay to $900,000 a year minimum for junior Congress, similar to Denmark’s Congress that is listed as the least corrupt congress on the globe. (Government for and by the people, and not owned by private lobbyist 1 percent).

Eighteen U.S. troop suicides per day for years. Also, “Sandy Hook” was “rotten,” and highly dominates the U.S. “brainwash news.” However, many months ago, (again) I read that 18 U.S. troops per day commit suicide, (mostly Bush victims in Iraq and Afghanistan).

How come we do not discuss this stuff in American news? Sandy Hook was a rotten 26 killed. But thousands of U.S. troops committed suicide? Last summer on public radio I ever heard Obama state 18 U.S. troops committed suicide per day. Pentagon policy: keep it quiet, and do nothing. Disgusting.

Matthew Simonson,