Pacelli crowns top speller

Published 11:39 am Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ana Mitchell kicks off the Austin Catholic Elementary spelling bee Tuesday afternoon in the Pacelli auditorium.

After 35 rounds, Shane DeSilva won the 2013 Pacelli spelling bee Tuesday afternoon. Shane will go on to represent Pacelli at the Regional Preliminary Spelling Bee in Rochester on Feb. 12.

Shane DeSilva


Pacelli spelling bee winners:

1. Shane DeSilva, seventh grade

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2. Sahil Patel, seventh grade

3. Shenali DeSilva fifth grade

—Fifth-grade qualifiers: Ana Mitchell and Shenali DeSilva.

—Sixth-grade qualifiers: Dominic Gartner and Skylar Guzman.

—Seventh-grade qualifiers: Shane DeSilva and Sahil Patel.

—Eighth-grade qualifiers: Hunter Charnecki and Cole Ethen.