Austin schools targeting ways to work smarter

Published 6:00 pm Monday, January 28, 2013

The students aren’t the only ones studying to improve at Austin Public Schools.

Educational Services Director John Alberts gave an overview of the Baldrige process for the school board at a 4 p.m. meeting Monday. Baldrige assessments, which have been used since the late 1980s, are done to highlight how organizations get to best practices within their given industry, and focus on what goes on inside an organization, in this case the district, and what initiatives, policies and practices are there for everything to get done.

As an organization, Alberts said the district scored a 359 on the 1,000-point Baldrige scale, which is considered typical. The district had a fairly even score across the board on its seven categories, which range from leadership to process management. A score of 500-600 marks a “high-performing” organization, and very few organizations in any industry reach above that

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Look to the Tuesday print edition of the Herald for more on the school board’s meeting.