On the Road: Milk, bread and a chance to solve the world’s problems

Published 1:20 pm Thursday, December 6, 2012

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Brenda’s Convenience opens in Rose Creek

It’s difficult to get anything for a buck these days — for most people, that is.

For Heidi Olson, that’s simply the cost of a six-month lease. Olson opened Brenda’s Convenience in Rose Creek on Nov. 5. The $1 lease agreement and the name of the store may seem confusing at first, but not to Rose Creek residents or those who frequent the small-town business where they solve the world’s problems over coffee every morning.

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Olson agreed to terms with Brenda Landherr, her good friend who owns the building and operated a grocery store within it for 23 and a half years.

“She’s like my other mom,” Olson said, who is friends with Landherr’s daughter and worked in Landherr’s grocery store for 10 years.

Landherr feels the same way.

“She’s kind of like a daughter to me,” she said, without any knowledge Olson had said that.

Olson will run the business for six months, and if all goes well, she may purchase the building from Landherr. But for now, there’s no worries about late payments or disagreements.

“That’s just her little thing,” Olson said about the lease.

Landherr wants to make sure the building stays standing in Rose Creek, and Olson knows the locals depend on it for both necessities and convenience. Among the usual milk, bread and snacks, Olson serves Donut Connection doughnuts each morning, pizza slices for lunch, Geneva Meats beef sticks and offers to sell items on consignment.

“If anybody else wants to bring in items, I can sell those on consignment, too,” she said.

Furthermore, Olson has movies, video games, toys, art and can order many things upon request. She plans to sell beer starting in January. For those who don’t need any of the above, there is always friendly banter, and perhaps some philosophy.

“You wouldn’t believe how many problems we’ve solved just today,” Olson joked, as three men sat at a table and sipped coffee, pondering the history and significance of basketball’s 3-point shot.

Though Olson lives in Austin and does day care at the elementary school in Rose Creek, she’s committed to the new business. After running a small business by selling books and video games online, she gained respect for small businesses.

“I actually found that I enjoy business more than I thought I would,” she said.

Brenda’s Convenience, 507-437-1413, is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every weekday and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays.

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