Holiday draws praise from visitors

Published 4:36 pm Saturday, December 22, 2012

The holiday season is finally winding down at the Historic Paramount Theatre.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our plethora of events. We had fantastic feedback from the close to 3,000 people who attended these performances. Numerous patrons were in awe with the pure enormity of “Swingin’ Into Christmas.”

Those who joined us for “Home Free Christmas” shared their delight in the performance, surprised they had never heard them before.  A gentleman from Mankato commented during “SimpleGifts” that just being able to experience the concert in our beautiful theatre made it worth the trip.

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I received a note from Dixie, who both her and the 11-year -old girl she brought with her to see Joe Sir perform “The Elvis Tribute Show,” loved the quality of the performance exclaiming he was “The best of the best” and hoped we would bring him back soon.

Creating memories like these is one of the main reasons the Austin Area Commission for the Arts exists. We are also pleased to provide the Paramount at a reduced cost for the local nonprofit organizations that host their fundraising events at the theater.

Although, in order to keep providing opportunities for people to enjoy our events at low costs, and help out local nonprofits we need your support.

Ticket sales only cover a fraction of our costs. Even with our wonderful attendance, we actually lost over $1,000 presenting these holiday events. There are numerous ways to help ensure we will be around to continue making memories and helping our local nonprofits for generations to come. Seats and stars are available for purchase. Memberships are available, which includes discounts at Paramount events and at several local businesses.

Otherwise, we also welcome donations at any level. For more information, please contact me at director