Christmas closes for another year

Published 5:10 pm Saturday, December 29, 2012

“One lives all one’s life under constant tension until it is time to go.” Albert Einstein

The sun is falling between the corner house and the one next to it. Casey informed me that the days are getting longer. It’s any not warmer yet, but the warmer days will grow longer.

The sun’s reflection’s in the living room was a nice piece of company. Echo, our number two cat, has taken three naps in our Kowalski’s Markets bag, but she has joined me on the couch.

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Ptolme, the first cat we acquired, came to us from the former grounds of Vilt’s Valley. Now the valley has been reshaped. The driveway is no longer a driveway and what used to be a yard is now a woods again.

The Christmas holiday has come to an end for another year. I’m afraid my interest in Christmas is not as meaningful as I remember it from ‘the early days.’ We did get to spend some time in Houston, the Minnesota Houston, earlier with Lydia and Earnest at Jeanne’s mother’s apartment. It was a nice time but that time has passed.

Skyler headed out to a movie and Casey headed out to the Cities.

Skyler and I traveled south on highway 105 to bring Mello and Fred back home so they can resume their window barking.

The sidewalk is clear of traffic and Fourth Street is also clear of traffic.

As for Albert Einstein he certainly occupied his time and created a name for himself — a good name.

I will close with this saying: “He doesn’t like anything different than what he thinks.”

I like that. In the meantime the sidewalks remain empty and I hope for a warm happy new year.

Echo has climbed back into the Kowalski’s Market bag again.