21-year-old sent to three years in prison for meth

Published 11:30 am Friday, December 14, 2012

An Austin man was sentenced Thursday to nearly three years in prison for selling methamphetamines to a confidential informant.

Tyler Anthony Berg, 21, changed two pleas to guilty in Mower County Court and was convicted for two counts of third-degree drug possession — more than three grams of meth. He is set to serve 35 months in prison. Two charges, second-degree drug sale and fifth-degree drug possession, were dismissed.

According to the court complaint, the informant notified a detective that Berg had arranged to sell meth to him. The informant got buy money and an audio recorder from the detective and purchased 3.1 grams of meth from Berg on Oct. 4 in the 100 block of Third Avenue SE. Berg also sold 3.8 grams of meth to the informant on Oct. 11 and also arranged to sell the informant more meth on Oct. 18, according to the court complaint.

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During the third transaction, an officer spotted Berg running away from the house the informant dropped him off at. Berg was later arrested, and officers found meth and syringes in the car he was driving, according to the court complaint. Berg was also convicted Thursday of felony fifth-degree assault with previous convictions.