Brownsdale and Mapleview recounts?

Published 11:00 am Thursday, November 8, 2012

Michele Shoop, deputy auditor treasurer for Mower County, goes over voter tallies with Susan Heard out of Windom Township at the Government Center Tuesday night.

Brownsdale mayoral race came down to 1 vote; Mapleview mayor won by 4 votes

A recount will certainly happen for one local election, and more area recounts may be coming, as well.

Larry Naatz, challenger to Mapleview’s mayor said Wednesday afternoon that he would indeed file for a recount after the canvassing process is complete for Mapleview ballots. Incumbent Mayor Arnie Johnson defeated Naatz by just four votes, 51-47, after Tuesday’s election. Because there are fewer than 400 voters in Mapleview and the margin is less than 10 votes’ difference, Groh said Naatz will not have to pay for the recount.

In Brownsdale, the mayoral race is even tighter. Incumbent Mayor David Pike defeated challenger Jeff Foster by just one vote, 130-129. Mower County Auditor/Treasurer Doug Groh expects and encourages a recount for that election but hasn’t received confirmation it will happen. Foster was unavailable for comments Thursday morning.

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Because the margin in the Brownsdale mayoral race is less than half of a percent, Foster will not have to pay for a recount, either, according to the Minnesota State Secretary’s office.

Another local race, Sargeant City Council, may warrant a recount, as well. Arletta Bungum leads Jim Wagoner 27-21 in that race.