Jury finds assailant, who maintains his innocence, guilty of 4 of 8 felonies

Published 9:55 am Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rosillo tells Herald others made stories up

After more than a year of court proceedings, a jury has found an Austin man guilty of four of eight felony charges for reportedly pistol-whipping a woman and possessing drugs in June 2011.

The jury reached its verdict Tuesday evening after hearing the case for more than a week and found Alfredo Jesse Rosillo, 32, guilty of first-degree burglary, first-degree aggravated robbery, fifth-degree drug possession and domestic assault.

Rosillo maintains that he is innocent. Rosillo wrote a letter to the Herald in which he pleaded his innocence and said people made up stories about him.

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According to the court complaint, Rosillo shot his .22 handgun in the victim’s car as she tried to get away, shot three times in her garage as he went after her and once more in her home. The woman says Rosillo also beat her up.

K-9 Ghost found Rosillo hiding in a marshy area. Police searched and later found 5.5 grams of meth and a baggy of .22 shells. Though police did not find the gun, they searched the home the next day and found a .22 shell casing, as well as holes in the car, garage and home.

Rosillo — convicted and sent to prison multiple times for drug crimes, terroristic threats, burglary and domestic assault — is also in court for terroristic threats against another inmate. In that case, he allegedly pointed at the inmate, pounded his fists together and made racial remarks, as well. Rosillo allegedly told the inmate, “I know where you live. I know where you sleep. I’m going to kill you when I get out of here,” the court complaint says.

Both the victim in last year’s burglary and the threatened inmate told officers Rosillo is in the Mexican Mafia.

Though Rosillo said he would not speak without a lawyer, he said to an officer about the other inmate, “If I knew where that [expletive] lived, he’d already be dead.”

Rosillo is set for sentencing on Jan. 4 for his four recent, felony convictions.