AHS elects Obama

Published 8:18 pm Saturday, November 3, 2012

Austin High School students vote during a mock election Thursday in Hastings Gym.

If the national election goes the way it did at Austin High School, President Barack Obama would be reelected with 60 percent of the vote.

AHS students conducted a mock election Thursday, where all students had the opportunity to cast their ballot the same elections registered voters will decide Tuesday. According to AHS officials, about 1,028 out of 1,275 students voted, which means the AHS election had an 81 percent voter turnout.


(W) Barack Obama: 640
Mitt Romney: 242

U.S. Senate
(W) Amy Klobuchar: 433
Kurt Bills: 180

U.S. Rep.
(W) Tim Walz: 727
Allen Quist: 203

State Senate
(W) Dan Sparks: 691
Linden Anderson: 186

State Rep
(W) Jeanne Poppe: 595
Nathan Neitzell: 277

Amendment 1 (Marriage)
No: 605
Yes: 340

Amendment 2
(Voter ID)
Yes: 561
No: 364

(W) Dick Lang: 439
Tom Stiehm: 415

Austin Public Schools Board:
Kestner: 459
McAlister: 281
Lees: 177
Quitmeyer: 163
Glowac: 156
Leathers: 153