A Sweet Sound

Published 7:00 pm Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sweet Bev Perron will be performing at the Austin Eagles Club at 8 p.m. on Nov. 17. Photo provided

Perron delivers the best of two worlds

Rock ‘n’ blues is all about the delivery — just ask Sweet Bev Perron. She has been performing with authority for quite some time.

“I think I’m actually the epitome of rock ‘n’ blues because of how I deliver,” Perron said, who pours emotion and soul into her live performances.

Perron, who lives in Twin Lakes, Wis., will show Austin how she and her band deliver during their 8 p.m. performance Nov. 17 at the Austin Eagles Club. The show has no cover charge.

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Perron was born in New York and grew up on the north side of Chicago.

Because her father is 20 years older than her mother, Perron was exposed to two styles of music at a young age: big band and rock ‘n’ roll. Saturday mornings during her childhood were filled with Janis Joplin and Jefferson Airplane while Sundays jumped back an era with Duke Ellington’s Orchestra and much more brass. Naturally, she took to both and grew to appreciate all forms of music.

“I couldn’t help but appreciate what I was learning,” she said.

But Perron chose the rock ‘n’ roll path early in her career and took the Janis Joplin influence with her. She started touring at age 17, and that Joplin sound is apparent in her voice today. However, Perron realized as she matured that a 50-something female singer who stuck only to rock ‘n’ roll may not be that appealing. So nearly 20 years ago, she began the early transformation to rock ‘n’ blues, perhaps mixing some of that big band with rock ‘n’ roll in the process.

In the past two decades, Perron honed her craft at the authentic blues venues in the heart of Chicago. In fact, that’s where she earned the nickname Sweet, after Koko Taylor said Perron knocked her socks off.

“I’ve studied the blues,” Perron said. “I’ve done it for almost 20 years now.”

The fans can hear it, too. People like the style, which isn’t as slow or sullen as traditional blues.

Perron recently returned from her fifth tour in Europe where she has progressed from only performing original songs to adding in some of her cover songs, as well.

“I didn’t even do any covers until the second tour,” Perron said. “They welcomed it.”

When Perron delivers to Austin, that will be her format: some originals and some covers. She has crossed the Mississippi several times to perform in Minnesota and notices a growing fan base, too. That may mean more Minnesota shows in the near future, as well.

“I actually like coming up there because I have fans up there,” she said about Minnesota.

Those who don’t know Perron will get a taste of some of her newest recordings as well, such as “Oh, I Should Have Known,” which released in April. Perron is also in the midst of making several new recordings and anticipates an album release next year.

She admits that she is a little bit different. But that’s what she likes about herself and her music.

“I kind of meshed what I love,” Perron said. “I love rock, and I love blues.”

For more information about Perron and samples of her music, go to sweetbevperron.webs.com, soundcloud.com and reverbnation.com/sweetbevperron.