Hypocrisy shows

Published 11:24 am Monday, October 29, 2012

Voter identification, as a proposed amendment to Minnesota’s constitution, is one question of two which have been fabricated to divide Minnesotans. Fabricated is the correct word because neither proposal is needed. Voting irregularities are minuscule and haven’t affected election outcomes. Same-sex marriage and civil unions have been unlawful since 1997.

Nevertheless, Republicans rely again on their false propaganda machinery and the public’s faulty memory. They recently tried making an issues of, for instance, the 2008 Franken victory over Coleman. It had been recounted meticulously to convince all parties at that time.

Now we have to deal with this by voting. Let’s look at this with clear eyes rather than fogged with diversions.

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“Vote Yes on Voter ID?” Why? Is it to keep someone who has legally voted at least once from voting legally again?

We will better serve Minnesota by voting “No” on voter restriction. Clearly, it can total many million in taxpayers’ money. Since when has that been in the Republican platform?

Of equal importance it that there are bound to be unforeseen consequences to human rights. The proposal is unfair for our population because it is unaware of hidden consequences due to being poorly presented.

Calling the voting proposal an “additional measure of integrity,” as Republican leadership does, won’t wash. The more truthful goal is to underhandedly reduce the numbers of voters who favor Democratic issues. Whatever became of “fair play” and being the loyal opposition? Wanting it both ways, Republicans appear to favor a one party system — their own.

Conservatives have become masters of pushing proposals with diversionary tactics. Taken together, these are ultra-conservative techniques designed to get their own way — in layers.

Both are counter to conservative theory because they actually increase government intervention in our lives rather than reduce it. Their hypocrisy is, once again, evident as they want to win at any cost.

Rodney Hatle