Thinking of times and people gone by

Published 5:28 pm Saturday, September 1, 2012

“The longer we live, the more complex life becomes, the vaster seems its possibilities and limitations, and the more we have to admit the deep nature of our ignorance.” Richard Eberhart

I think I wrote something about Eberhart that was on display somewhere in the high school library.

His daughter came to Austin when Eberhart was honored. It was my hope that someday the school would construct a statue of Eberhart seated on a bench outside with a student or two beside him as Eberhart read from his book. Unfortunately this never came to be.

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Eberhart wasn’t at the weekend event that brought life to Austin using the space that sat empty over the years, along with Jay Keyser playing his guitar on stage. I intended to keep the photo in the Herald but I’m not sure where I kept it. I’m told Jay and Wendy Larson, on fiddle, played some fine music later in Maple View.

I was fortunate to acquire a piece of art from Bonnie Broitzman that I’ve yearned for years. It’s an incredible portion of a church across the sea that Bonnie completed quite some time ago.

I’ve located it on the wall just above my favorite piece of wood I acquired in that little cozy town on the river where Jeanne I spent some time one Sunday afternoon.

The artwork fits just below the thermostat that shows the temperature that’s not right. However, there is a small wooden cross hanging from it and there is a smaller cross now above on the church setting where Bonnie possibly completed her piece of art.

During daylight the window reflects traffic on the road coming and going but the structure between the window shades the church and captures the cross in its shade.

And looking at the artwork I can view Mello looking out the window like a statue. In the meantime Fred is nesting beside me.