Keeping busy in retirement

Published 4:21 pm Saturday, September 29, 2012

“Apre’s nous le de’luge” is the principle of a man who is related to no order but that of his own benefit. It is the nihilistic principle of man who has forgotten that he is only a part of the world, not its owner, of a man who feels no relation to eternity and styles himself master of space and time, — Vaclav Havel


Backing up even further I found a writing in an old notebook in the basement where I used to spend much of my time. Now that I am almost retired, I still do two hours of work a week on Friday at Austin Manor.

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I’m not sure it’s called that anymore. There have been changes but they let me lead a writers’ group on Friday, and it gives me a chance to do some walking with Edison, the dog, who I also spend time with.

When one reaches retirement age, one’s schedule begins to change. We still have our writers’ group at the library on Wednesday night and that seems to be seems to continue. And more are welcome.

I guess this is where Mello and Fred come in. This beautiful past week and has kept Mello perched in the backyard hoping to capture the chip monk that has recently claimed the wall as a pathway to the other side. I probably mentioned this last week. There have been some close calls out there. I think Mello would feel bad—maybe. She certainly speaks highly in her barking voice when skateboarders pass by.

A greater concern is all the phone calls regarding interest rates and how much they will be lowering them…where does that originate from?

Days ago at Grinders a friend mentioned how much he’s been enjoying “You Much Crazy.” He thought it could be a movie!