Follow these tips to cut down prices at the pump

Published 6:32 pm Saturday, September 22, 2012

Prices at the gas pump are rising. If you want to keep your plans in place and your spending on track, it’s important to be smart about fuel consumption. Here are some tips to help.

Drive mindfully: If you’re used to speeding up fast and braking at the last moment, you need to reconsider how you’re operating your vehicle — those habits can drain your gas tank and send you back to the pump more often. Instead, make an effort to accelerate and slow down gradually and use cruise control to maintain a constant speed, all of which will help to use fuel more efficiently. When possible, avoid idling and make plans for running errands, to cut down on the number of trips you take.

Choose wisely: You’re typically given three options at the pump, with a trio of gasoline’s with different octane levels — and different prices. One of the simplest ways to cut costs is to opt for the lowest octane fuel that you can use in your vehicle. Making this change can save you hundreds of dollars per year, without sacrificing performance or gas mileage.

•Give your vehicle a check-up: Maintenance and mileage can go hand in hand, so it’s important to make sure that your car is in shape for saving fuel. Check and change your oil regularly — it’s an essential component in reducing wear caused by friction between moving parts in the engine.

If it’s not clean, or if levels are low, your vehicle won’t be performing as efficiently as possible. Equally important to getting good mileage is the air pressure in your tires, which should be at the manufacturer’s recommended levels (often listed on the driver’s side door frame). Proper inflation can improve your gas mileage by up to three percent. A check of the air, oil and fuel filters should also be included in a check-up.

Making adjustments to your vehicle and the way you drive can be the best way to save yourself from going over budget on gasoline. Start with these tips and you’ll be able to enjoy the season the way you want to.

The Mower County Senior Center will be holding Powerful Tools for Caregivers. This six-week educational program was developed to provide caregivers with tools to increase their self-care and confidence. This is a national program that has reached more than 70,000 caregivers in 32 states.

This program will help caregivers reduce stress, improve self-confidence, communicate feelings better, balance their lives, increase their ability to make tough decisions and locate helpful resources. Two experienced Class Leaders conduct the series (many are experienced caregivers themselves, who have successfully applied the techniques they teach). Interactive lessons, discussions and brainstorming will help you take the “tools” you choose and put them into action for your life.

If you would like to register or have questions, please call Marianne at 507-433-3462 or Nancy at 507-433-8376. Class size is limited and pre-registration is required.

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