Criticism of Romney was misguided

Published 7:04 am Thursday, September 20, 2012

Letter to the Editor

The Herald’s criticism of Mitt Romney’s statement regarding the embassy attacks (Romney’s attack a poor decision) was misguided, and just another incident of media group-think.

Romney made his statement only after hours of silence from the president, who saw fit to leave for Las Vegas for fundraising and campaign events rather than staying home to monitor the obviously explosive situation. Only after the Romney statement did the White House finally condemn the attacks, rather than the free speech that the embassy staff condemned. Mr. Romney acted more Presidential than the current occupant of that office. Instead of attacking Romney, perhaps the media should be looking into how President Obama’s policies, apologies, and weakening of our international standing made attacks like these not just possible, but inevitable.

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The media’s attacks on Romney are so transparently political as to be laughable.

Mike Bjorgo,