County board making progress on Government Center remodel

Published 10:05 am Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The county board is making progress planning for the remodel to move Health and Human Services downtown, but there’s still work to be done before construction begins.

During Tuesday’s county board meeting, the board approved a move to get rid of asbestos in the Government Center before construction begins on the roughly $5.4 million remodel of the Government Center and Law Enforcement Center. The board accepted a consulting services bid from Kane & Johnson for abating hazardous materials.

After the asbestos is taken care of, the county board is looking to open the project up for bids early next year, if not sooner.

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“It’d be nice if it could be before that, because we want this on the fast track,” Commissioner Tim Gabrielson said, noting the board wants the project to move swiftly, so the board can get Health and Human Services out of Oak Park Mall.

However, Gabrielson said the board is trying to address things like asbestos, so the board doesn’t have any issues spring up later.

“We don’t want any surprises,” Gabrielson said.

The board also decided to get bid estimates on a few add ons to the projects for things like wiring and mechanical additions. The final decision on these extra items won’t be made until the board has firmer details on the project’s cost. The board decided not to get estimates on other items like a new handicapped entrance, window replacements and painting, and some things could be done by county staff later.