To see Dylan or not

Published 3:36 pm Saturday, August 25, 2012

“Loneliness is and always has been the central and inevitable experience of every man.” — Thomas Wolfe

I wonder if that is persuaded by the opposing sex or if it’s just the ways of man’s own path.

Writing a column wasn’t something I planned.

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I remember one of my first days at the Herald when I typed a piece for a young adult who confronted me the following morning with the page where he had circled all my misspellings. I thought that was it.

For some reason I was allowed to stay on, and I became more acquainted with the dictionary. And even today I have my Webster’s II New Riverside Pocket Dictionary sitting beside me along with Mello and Fred.

And now what to do with the day?

Today, Bob Dylan returns to Rochester on tour, and I am trying to decide whether to go.

Bob Dylan has always been an example of a singer of wide ranging lyrics that comes from unexpected lines.

I haven’t missed too many Dylan programs over the years ,and I’m not sure if I could pass this one by. I believe i has been said that he operates on the piano these days and not strumming the guitar.

Bruce Heiny will be instrumental in providing transportation to the Dylan show. I think Bruce is intending to get on the road to Rochester around 4 p.m.

And here’s a 1962 lyric Dylan wrote to Woody Guthrie: “Hey Woody Guthrie I wrote you a song about a funny ol’ world that’s a comin’ along. Seems sick an’ it’s hungry, it’s tired an’ torn. It looks like it’s dyin’ an it’s hardly been born — Here’s t’ the hands of the men. They came with the dust and gone with the wind)”

Being diabetic at my age is not exactly comforting. I’ve been meeting with folks lately to steer me in a better direction with my blood sugars. They are improving, but there is an occasional low score. I usually have a Coke handy to lift the blood sugar quickly.