Tennis doubles tournament held

Published 8:38 pm Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dan Hirst, right, makes a play on the ball as his son Simon looks on during a doubles match a doubles tournament at Paulson Courts Saturday. -- Rocky Hulne/

A tennis doubles tournament was held at Paulson tennis courts Saturday.

Roger Bouhton reaches out to make play at a doubles tournament at Paulson Tennis Courts Saturday. -- Rocky Hulne/

The tournament was meant to be the opening day for Neveln Courts, but construction was not completed yet. However, some games were played at Neveln on Sunday as Saturday’s play was delayed due to rain.

In the 8.0 bracket of the tournament, Levon Larson and Troy Dickman took first and Scott Jasmin and Bill Fleiner won the 6.0 bracket.

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The new grand opening event for Neveln Courts is now Sept. 8. It will include tennis games, contests for children 10 and younger and a doubles tournament for teams with scores under 6.0.


Megan Fleiner attempts a shot near the net at Paulson tennis courts Saturday. -- Rocky Hulne/