Meadow Greens holds club championship

Published 7:29 pm Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rick Sundberg recently won the Championship Flight as Meadow Greens held its club championship.

Jill Cordes won the women’s flight and Trei Miller won the junior flight.

Bruce Paine won the first flight, Dave Brown won the second flight, John Dulitz won the third flight Dave Lillemon won the first senior flight, Harold Brandt won the second senior flight

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Championship flight: Rick Sundberg (first), Erik LaRock (second)

First flight: Bruce Paine (first), Randy Rauen (second), Mark Raymond (third)

Second flight: Dave Brown (first), Kyle Bendson (second), Corey Dornack (third)

Third flight: John Dulitz (first), Jeff Cordes (second) Aaron Dudas (third)

First Senior flight: Dave Lillemon (first), Tom Smith (second) Jim Rushton (third)

Second Senior flight: Harold Brandt (first), Don May (second), Gary Loecher (third)

Women’s flight: Jill Cordes (first), Sandy May (second)

Junior flight: Trei Miller (first), Nick Ross (second)