Mayor Q&A: Business owner Lang vies for return to public office

Published 2:31 pm Friday, August 10, 2012

Mayor Q&A: Dick Lang


Q. Why are you best qualified to be Austin’s mayor?

A. My 50 years of being in business and my knowledge of the concerns and needs for the people in the city of Austin. I take action and I listen.

Q. Should city officials be more open to hearing public input? If so, what would you do to bring that about?

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A. Yes, absolutely. Within the structures of the council meetings a certain amount of time should be designated for the public input.

Q. What should be the top three priorities for city government?

A. A more fair tax structure, a balanced budget, and remembering that we are servants to the people and should be responsible to them and give them good service.

Q. What steps, if any, can city government take to minimize tax increases?

A. Budget control, making sure we are funding what we need and not necessarily what we want.

Q. What other issues do you believe the city of Austin must address, and how would you provide leadership on those issues?

A. A major issue is flood control. I would make sure we don’t go by another summer with out finishing the north end flood control. The Packaging Co., Hormel South offices, and other buisinesses right now are staring at the Red Cedar River and will be a disaster again if we don’t address this and get it done.