Bridge, county road projects nearing finish

Published 6:50 pm Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mower County residents tussling with detours around bridge construction can expect their regular routes back soon.

Of five bridge reconstructions in the county, all are expected to be completed within several weeks to a month, according to Mower County Public Works Director Mike Hanson. The number of bridge projects this year is about the norm for Mower County, Hanson added.

“There’s always a bunch of them,” he said.

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The Turtle Creek bridge replacement on County Highway 23 in south Austin is expected to be complete Sept. 15. That project has been in the works for several months.

Another several-months project, the Roosevelt Bridge on Fourth Street SE in Austin is also near completion. Construction workers should be finished with the new foundation and ring stones by Oct. 1, Hanson said. While the bridge is in the middle of Austin, Mower County Public Works has an agreement with the city of Austin to be responsible for all bridges within the county.

Hanson expects Oct. 1 completion dates for two other bridges, too: a County Highway 21 bridge southwest of town and a County Highway 4 bridge just northeast of Adams. The County Highway 22 bridge near Lyle just off of Highway 218 will be complete as early as Sept. 1, as well.

Aside from bridges, one road pavement project on County Road 112 in Brownsdale should be complete within a couple days. Hanson said construction projects went well this year without any setbacks.