A winning relay

Published 11:52 am Monday, August 6, 2012

Daily Herald editorial

In the midst of the Olympics, relay usually sparks images of teams competing against each other for fame and medals. A different kind of relay, the Relay for Life, took center stage in Austin over the weekend, however, raising more than $88,000 to help fund research on the most effective ways to fight cancer.

In all its forms, cancer takes devastating toll on human lives. Although knowledge about cancer and the means of treating those who are afflicted with it have advanced quickly, the disease continues to touch the lives of many Americans. Digging deeper into the causes, and perhaps eventually finding a true cure or surefire method of prevention must remain a healthcare priority.

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That’s why Relay for Life is so important. Twenty teams walked through the night Saturday and Sunday to raise funds for research — as teams have done, and are doing, all across the country. Combining memorials to those have died of cancer, support for those fighting it now, and a chance for people to enjoy fellowship and some exercise, Relay has proven to be a winning formula for fund-raising.

Particular appreciation is owed to those who worked to organize the event, an annual feat of coordination and organization that sets the stage for success. The dedication of those volunteers is impressive indeed.

In the competition against cancer, Relay for Life helps everyone win.