Warrant allegedly finds drugs, spurs assault

Published 7:25 pm Saturday, July 28, 2012

Austin Police allegedly got more than what they were looking for when they served an arrest warrant last Tuesday.

Police went to the 400 block of 27th Street SW to find Jonathan Talamantes, 25, of Austin. When they arrived, Talamantes — with a black backpack — saw the officers and ran in the back door of a building. Police entered the home and found Talamantes hiding in a kitchen closet. Talamantes allegedly hid something in his mouth and ran to the sink to get water. The court complaint adds Talamantes refused to put his hands behind his back twice and was then shocked with a taser, which was unsuccessful.

Talamantes allegedly became aggressive and swung at the officers, so they shocked him again, this time successfully. Talamantes reportedly continued to have violent mood swings.

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Police found a marijuana blunt in the closet with Talamantes’ backpack and two baggies, one of which contained traces of methamphetamines, according to the complaint. Talamantes was arrested and taken to the Mower County jail.

Talamantes’ record shows previous convictions for domestic assault in May 2010 and fifth-degree domestic assault in January 2011. He was charged Thursday in this case with fifth-degree drug possession, fifth-degree assault with previous convictions and fourth-degree assault of a peace officer, all felonies. He was also charged with gross misdemeanor obstructing legal process. His next court appearance is set for Aug. 9.