Spamtown Open draws 81 disc golfers

Published 11:10 pm Monday, July 9, 2012

The 2012 Spamtown Open drew 81 disc golfers over the weekend and Mitch Privette of Cottage Grove had the best overall score as he finished with a 153 to win the Open Professional Division in Todd Park.

Mike Misakian took first in the Master’s Division, Dean Anderson took first in the Advanced Division, Dylan Benson won a three-hole playoff with Lucas Hegna and Lance Wallis to take first in the Intermediate Division, Liz Murphy took first in the Intermediate Women’s Division.

Disc golfers played one round of 27 short tees and one round of 27 long tees and the par was 162.

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Open Division: Mitchell Privette (first, 153); Daniel Polk (second, 154); Ben Keist (second, 154); Jared Johnson (fourth, 156); Jordan Castro (fifth, 158); Chris Meyer (fifth, 158); Cole Hughes (seventh, 161); Matt VanHorn (eighth, 162); David Bednar (ninth, 166); Bob Hoy (ninth, 166); Brandon Day (11th, 168); Derek Hinkle (12th, 172)

Masters Division: Mike Misakian (first, 156); Brian Gustafson (second, 171); Chris Porter (third, 175)

Advanced Division: Dean Anderson (first, 156); Jeff Luiz (second, 158); Derek Thompson (third, 159); Raymond Oberly, Jr. (fourth, 160); Adam May (fifth, 162); Conrad Olson (sixth, 163); Steve Melby (sixth, 163); Jimbo Sonrenson (sixth, 163); Collin Bailey (ninth, 165); Clay Ebertowsi (ninth, 165); Alex Boser (11th, 166); Gary Sell, Jr. (11th, 166); Kelly Greenhoe (11th, 166); Tommy Locke (14th, 168); Alex Irrgang (15th, 170); Rian Foley (15th, 170); Chris Oberly (17th, 173); Mike Jindra (18th, 174); Alex Seyffer (18th, 174); Joe Beauseigneur (18th, 174); Jason Kloskin (21st, 177); Adam Peterka (22nd, 179); John Stone (23rd, 181)

Advanced Masters Division: Lars Tonding (first, 175); Dave Sime (second, 180); Brian Wells (third, 182)

Intermediate Division: Lucas Hegna (first, 168); Dylan Benson (first, 168); Lance Wallis (first, 168); Brad Prenosil (fourth, 174); Carl Peach (fourth, 174); Richard Jordan (sixth, 175); Ryan Lysne (seventh, 177); Josie Bure (eighth, 178); Kody Larson (ninth, 179); Jeff Gobin (10th, 181); John Lakenan (11th, 182); Tony Caywood (11th, 182); Alec Anderson (11th, 182); Tim Grunewald (11th, 182); Trevor White (15th, 185); Kory Krause (16th, 186); James Myers (17th, 188); James Lakenan (18th, 190); Eric Jenneke (18th, 190); Theodore Mattick (20th, 191); Sean Myers (21st, 192); William Lee Bednar (22nd, 193); Joseph Lakenan (23rd, 195); James Cooper V (24th, 197); Andy Barrera (25th, 199); Joe Ruff (25th, 199); Michael Mattick (27th, 203); Chheang Oeung (28th, 209); Troy Siemonsma (29th, 211); Richard Mattick (30th, 212); Brad Barden (30th, 212)

Intermediate Women Division: Liz Murphy (first, 201); Jessica Critz (second, 210); Kelly Caywood (third, 212); Jennifer Soiney (fourth, 219); Anita McNamee (fifth, 230)

Junior Division: Devon Dorsey (first, 188)