Park board denies archery range

Published 6:32 am Friday, June 8, 2012

The Austin Parks, Recreation and Forestry Board denied a request to put up a small archery range during a regularly-scheduled meeting Wednesday evening.

An Austin man asked the board for a 20-yard archery range 10 yards wide so residents could practice in their free time. The range would have been open to the public and would not have required supervision. However, a city ordinance says it is unlawful to shoot a bow and arrow within the city limits.

“They denied the request due to the ordinance that is out there right now,” said Kim Underwood, Parks and Rec director. She said concern about the possibility of accidents also weighed in.

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“The first thing that came up from everybody was safety,” Underwood said. She added that just because the board denied the request doesn’t mean the archery range can’t be approved later.

There are a few exceptions to the ordinances. A school physical education program supervised by faculty is allowed to practice archery. The same applies to any community-wide classes or events authorized by the police chief and any arrow range authorized by the City Council.

Parks and Rec offers a supervised archery league and classes.