Postmaster had a flare for humor

Published 3:32 pm Saturday, May 5, 2012

One of Austin’s former Postmasters was known for his sense of humor. From the April 17, 1956, Austin Daily Herald:

“Born ‘spitting distance’ from Austin 80 years ago, George E. Anderson, former Austin postmaster, has lived here for 74 years.

‘Spitting distance’ in those days was a farm near Rose Creek. Anderson’s family decided to move to Austin for the better educational facilities. Anderson graduated from Austin High School in 1893 and attended the University of Minnesota for two years.

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From his parents he inherited a flare for telling a joke. At post-office dinners he often combines the truth with fantasy to bring down the house.

“My mother was a scream,” Anderson said. “She always knew a joke and we never knew what was coming next. And my father was just like her. He even disowned me once.”

Anderson, who has been active in many Masonic bodies, explained that with separate Masonic groups he and his father once attended a meeting in Owatonna. George E. Anderson had some trouble getting into one of the session and said, “My father will vouch for me.” When questioned Anderson’s father said, “Him? I never saw him before in my life.”

More next week about this colorful Postmaster.

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