Poppe: Dayton support for Hormel Institute expansion ‘strong as ever’

Published 10:58 am Monday, May 7, 2012

It was my privilege to receive an invitation from Gov. Mark Dayton to meet with him last Saturday, April 28, in his office. At the meeting we discussed the need for a capital investment bill which included the request for $13.5 million to the city of Austin for The Hormel Institute. The governor has been a strong proponent of the research facility, notably highlighting its inclusion in his bonding proposal revealed in January. The governor asked for the meeting to let me know his support is as strong as ever. He recognizes the potential for expanding cancer research and the economic benefit of providing state support to this particular bonding request.

The primary outcome of this current legislative session should be a strong bonding bill investing in infrastructure, including restoring and repairing our current state owned facilities. The initiative brought forth from the city of Austin to create The Hormel Institute’s expansion has the merits of long term benefits including creating good paying jobs for our region and the potential for translation of research into practical application for future benefit.

At the conclusion of my meeting with Gov. Dayton I extended an invitation for him to visit Austin and tour The Hormel Institute. He shook my hand and made the commitment to come and visit. The conclusion of this legislative session will come with or without a bonding bill. The efforts put forth by the local advocates has brought this project to the forefront. I look forward to welcoming the governor and am thankful for his critically important leadership promoting our project

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