AHS teams dominate state disc golf meet

Published 3:29 pm Friday, May 4, 2012

Teams from Austin High School recently took first, second and third place at the state disc golf meet. Front row: (left to right): Alec Anderson, Alan Schwartz, Trevor White, Dylan Benson, Devon Dorsey, Jonathan Koppa, Ethan Getchell, Billy Bednar, Collin Bailey, behind him, and Lucas Hegna. Back row: Brady Bell Lance Wallis, Ryan Lysne and Logan Hegna. -- photo provided

Teams from Austin High School dominated the state disc golf title meet on April 28, taking first, second and third. Austin teen Collin Bailey walked away with the state individual title.

The Minnesota Frisbee Association on April 28 in conjunction with the Albert Lea Convention & Visitors Bureau held the state high school disc golf championship tournament at Bancroft Bay Park in Albert Lea. The tournament is called the MFA High School Championships. Teams comprised four or five players, and the three lowest scores in each team from each round were used in factoring team scores. Each school could send up to four teams.

With wet, windy and cold weather, turnout was lower than expected. Six teams competed, with 29 boys and no girls. Austin sent three teams. Kennedy from Bloomington sent two teams, and Owatonna sent one. Some others canceled due to the rough weather. Play was rough in the first round that morning, but drier and smoother in the second that afternoon.

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In the end, Austin A, B and C walked away with the top three team trophies. Kennedy A received fourth, and Owatonna fifth. The trophies are destined for school trophy cases. Each player on a top five team also won medals to keep themselves. In addition, the players who had the 10 best individual scores won medals. Nine of the top 10 medal winners were Austin players.

The five players on the champion Austin A team were Collin Bailey, Dylan Benson, Lucas Hegna, Lance Wallis and Billy Bednar.

Medals and trophies for girl teams and players went unclaimed.

— Submitted by the Minnesota Frisbee Association


1. Austin A 160 155 315

2. Austin B 178 156 334

3. Austin C 193 174 367

4. Kennedy A 211 189 400

5. Owatonna 212 195 407

6. Kennedy B 249 215 464


1. Collin Bailey (Austin A) 53 50 103

2. Dylan Benson (Austin A) 54 57 105

3. Jonathon Koppa (Austin B) 55 52 107

4. Lucas Hegna (Austin A) 56 54 110 (won tiebreaker)

5. Lance Wallis (Austin A) 53 57 110

6. Ryan Lynse (Austin B) 61 52 113

7. Alec Anderson (Austin B) 62 52 114

8. Devon Dorsey (Austin C) 65 53 118

9. Alex Reyes-Lehrer (Owatonna) 57 62 119

10. Billy Bednar (Austin A) 63 60 123 (won tiebreaker)