Reunion marked Austin history

Published 4:33 pm Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another little gem from the Austin Daily Herald Centennial issue, published on April 17, 1956:

“An historic event of the first 30 years was a grand reunion at Jones Hall, Feb. 22, 1876 ‘to commemorate Washington’s birthday, to note the Centennial (USA) year, and place the guide stone ‘one-fourth of a century’ to mark the age and advancement of the present flourishing city of Austin.’ (The ‘one-fourth of a century’ was actually 20 years.) The walls of the hall were beautifully decorating with flags, including the first flag of Austin in 1856.

The meeting was called to order by O. W. Shaw, after which Rev. C. E. Wright delivered the opening address and Mrs. J. L. Davidson announced a series of toasts. Among those who responded was George E. Wilbour, who shed a little more light on Chauncey Leverich, whom he identified as a hotel owner along with his other activities.

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Although losses were incurred by fire and flood, Austin’s march toward progress was steady during those first 30 years. Gay, social times were prevalent, history books and newspaper files show that life certainly was not dull, even though there were no automobiles, movies, radio or television.”