One arrested after alleged burglary, gun theft last week; charges pending

Published 9:46 am Thursday, April 12, 2012

Austin Police have arrested one man and are investigating details of an alleged burglary and gun theft that happened last week.

Police arrested Jayson Pomsyda, 18, of Austin at the 900 block of Fourth Avenue NW on April 5 shortly after someone reported a burglary and several stolen guns at the 900 block of Fifth Avenue NW. According to Police Chief Brian Krueger, two long guns, a pistol and knives were missing from the home. When police arrested Pomsyda, they allegedly found two of the long guns stashed in nearby bushes. The other weapons are still missing.

Pomsyda is in the Mower County jail awaiting formal charges. Krueger said authorities are still investigating the alleged burglary.

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