A sense of peace

Published 6:59 pm Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rita Wachlin does a majority of her writing from her porch facing the Cedar River just south of Lansing. Wachlin released a book of her poetry back in February. - Eric Johnson/photodesk@austindailyherald.com

Writing a book of poetry was both nerve-racking and exciting for Rita Wachlin

When Rita Wachlin published a book of poems in February, she described the process as nerve-racking, exciting and occasionally frustrating. But when all was said and done, the 48-year-old Austin mother got a sense of peace.

“It felt really good, like something had been done that was supposed to be done,” Wachlin said.

Wachlin, who describes herself as a spiritualist, self-published a 324-page book of poems and spiritual writings on Feb. 15 she collected over three years called “Pulse of my Heart: A personal journey of ONE mind, heart & soul.” She said her inner voice guided her writings, which she said are very positive.

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Wachlin, who works full time at Viracon, Inc. in Owatonna, said the project started as a daily journal, which she began sharing with friends on Facebook three years ago. She said as more people read the poems, they encouraged her to put a book together. She said she’s glad she did.

Wachlin, who was raised Lutheran, said she gets a lot of her inspiration from her spiritual beliefs, and she incorporates her understanding of a God or a higher power in her writing. She said most of it comes from her experiences and trying to keep a positive twist on life. As a spiritualist, Wachlin has studied Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Native American practices and Muslim teachings.

“I’ve always felt that it’s kind of like a puzzle we need to put together,” she said. “We have truths or answers within each area, but putting it together makes it whole.”

Through meditation, Wachlin sets aside a half hour to an hour every day for what she calls “me time,” a time to connect to God.

While her beliefs spark her creativity, Wachlin said she is also inspired by nature, which is easier because she lives north of Austin on the Cedar River. Wachlin moved to Austin 17 years ago from Colorado, and hasn’t looked back. She said she can’t imagine living anywhere else.

“I love being in nature,” she said. “[In the winter especially] I could sit and look out the window and see so much beauty and splendor and it would come out in my writing.”

Wachlin said at the time she began to compile her writings, now-famous Austin author Amanda Hocking was breaking through as an international e-book sensation, which Wachlin said inspired her to self-publish and go the e-book route. Hocking, who writes paranormal romance, sold more than $2 million in e-books on Amazon with 10 novels before signing a reported $2 million deal with St. Martin’s Press.

Wachlin’s book is available from Tafford Publishing at tafford.com, as an e-book at barnesandnoble.com and amazon.com, and at Gymocha in Austin.

A few writings from “Pulse of My Heart”

The love that is within my heart shines as brightly as the sun;

Giving freely to all of creation as guide by God ~ Loving all as One;

To behold such beauty through the innocence such as that of a child;

Opens new wonders from all surroundings being tame or wild;

Allow Faith, Joy, Peace, Hope & Love from within to continue, spread & grow;

By doing this simple act, the Truth you will behold, the Truth you will know.


To Dream… Is to allow your hopes & desires to take wing;

To Dream… Is to allow your heart & soul to sing;

To Dream… For another is to have faith in the goodness to them life can bring;

To Dream… Is believing in Something much greater in everything;

To Dream… Allows us to soar to new places;

To Dream… Brings with it a new reality & new faces;

To Dream… We must let our imagination go to new times & spaces.