Watch the boards

Published 11:29 am Wednesday, March 7, 2012

With Tuesday’s warm weather, the sub-genre of wheeled conveyances known as longboards — a type of skateboard — emerged from hibernation. Unlike their more common, and much shorter, cousins, longboards are often used for transportation on city streets. When they’re properly used, they fit into traffic flow about like a bicycle. Unfortunately, some longboarders see little reason not to ride in the middle of the street after dark, putting themselves at significant risk. It is probably hopeless to expect that such riders will decide to stick to the sides of the road or to wear some kind of illumination — so it will be up to drivers again this spring and summer to watch for unexpected mid-road boarders.


Congratulations to the Blooming Prairie boys basketball team. The blossoms beat the Goodhue Wildcats on Monday night to earn their first shot at a subsection title in 20 years.

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Minor decisions sometimes have greater-than-obvious significance. That was the case with the Austin City Council’s vote on Monday night to disband its Fire Committee. Create in 2009 in response to an outside evaluation of the Austin Fire Department and its relationship with the City Council, the Fire Committee had long since fulfilled its purpose. Too often, committees and sub-committees persist long after their usefulness has passed. In this case, the Fire Committee had not met for months, and the council did right in officially putting this committee to rest.