Seniors make great volunteers

Published 4:22 pm Saturday, March 3, 2012

Despite how hard retired people have worked throughout their lives, communities still need active seniors.

All volunteers make a difference, but experienced and knowledgeable seniors can make an even bigger difference by saving organizations money — money that can be better used in other ways.

Many seniors spend most of their time at home where they are comfortable. In fact, a recent article in the L.A. Times states that seniors currently spend between half and three-quarters of their time awake watching television.

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This social isolation helps explain why so many seniors suffer from depression, an estimated 6 to 6.5 million aged 65 years and older. Senior volunteers spend less time at home and more time in their communities, which helps them increase their social and support networks.

Many young people volunteer with various organizations, so seniors who choose to do the same help to bridge the generation gap. The cultural differences between seniors and young people are huge and include topics like technology, workplace behavior, and political differences. Young people rarely have the opportunity to work with seniors, but when seniors collaborate with young people, there is reciprocal learning for everyone involved and therefore a better understanding of each other.

There are always volunteer opportunities at the senior center. If you haven’t decided what opportunity best fits your skills, stop down. We would be happy to discuss our openings and see what works for you. You are always welcome at the Senior Center.

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