Man charged with assault after allegedly striking woman 20 times

Published 12:28 pm Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A rural Austin man who allegedly assaulted a woman, hitting her nearly 20 times and causing a large gash on her head, was charged in Mower County Court Tuesday.


Nicolas Gomez, 23, faces one count of third-degree domestic assault with substantial bodily harm, a felony, and one count of gross misdemeanor domestic assault.

Mower County Sheriff’s deputies were called the night of March 3 to 581st Avenue east of Austin to a report of domestic assault. When officers got there, they found a female with a large gash on her head, rips in her shirt and blood covering her hands. The victim said Gomez left earlier in the day, returned that night and looked intoxicated, according to the court complaint. The victim also told authorities that Gomez grabbed her hair, punched her, pushed her to the ground and continuously beat her. She said Gomez hit her nearly 20 times, and at one point her head hit a door, which may have caused the gash, the complaint states.

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An officer waited for Gomez outside of a nearby home, and he reportedly came out wielding a 2-and-a-half-foot metal rod with triangular spikes. The officer ordered Gomez to drop the weapon several times before Gomez complied, according to the complaint. The complaint also states the officer ordered Gomez to lie on the ground several times before he cooperated. Two young children were reportedly also home at the time.

According to the complaint, officers arrested Gomez and took him to the Mower County jail, during which time he reportedly told officers, “I went to a class for battery; I don’t agree with them. They deserve to get hit.”

The complaint also says Gomez told authorities he is a “true gangster,” and that, “When girls mouth off, they deserve to get smacked.”

Gomez was given a blood-alcohol test and registered a .27.

Gomez’s next court appearance is scheduled for March 15. A review of his record shows he has been convicted of domestic assault in Marshall County, Iowa.