Councils convene

Published 8:28 pm Saturday, March 17, 2012

Candidates for state office wait out in the hall by Knowlton Auditorium as final votes are cast Friday afternoon during the Spring Southeast Division Student Council Convention at Austin High School. - Eric Johnson/

Student leadership groups hold conference in Austin

Hard work paid off at Austin High School Friday.

The Austin Student Council comes together to organize their votes during the final elections of the Spring Southeast Division Student Council Friday afternoon at Austin High School. - Eric Johnson/

Austin’s student council hosted and organized the annual Southeast Division Student Council Conference, where area students elected district officials, talked about common student issues and practiced convention politics.

“It was a grand old time,” said AHS junior Joseph Gerber.

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Austin students knew they would host the conference after last spring’s conference, when AHS senior Ryan Larson was elected district vice-president. Students organized, planned and prepared for more than 10 schools to come to town and talk school politics over the past several weeks, which is good practice regardless of students’ interest in a political career.

“Student Council promotes teachable opportunities from organizing to public speaking,” AHS Student Council adviser Andrea Malo said.

What’s more, students learn important job and life skills through conferences like this.

“You learn how to deal with adversity,” AHS senior Nathan Schwab said. “Not everyone always agrees.”

AHS students will join other school representatives at the state Student Council Conference in Rochester April 21-23.